Our Main Objective

It is important to our company to ensure that we deliver high quality traffic. We have multiple services that online marketers may use to build their online business with.

> Traffic Exchange
> PPC Banner & Text Ads
> FREE Site Rotator
> Hurricane Ca$h (Get paid in cash for viewing ads).
> Flood Warning Traffic (Traffic from top industry sites sent to your site quickly).
> And More!

Our Traffic Exchange:

We have a unique traffic exchange that all members can use to promote their website.
Once you register immediately you may begin surfing websites to view offers earning credits that may be assigned to your own websites in return.
Our free members receive 1/4 of credit when viewing ads and any member that has made a purchase is a lifetime proven buyer so they receive 1/2 a credit for viewing ads.

If you wish to buy traffic exchange credits alone without surfing this option is also available.

1000 visitor credits $5.95
2500 visitor credits $13.95
5000 visitor credits $27.95
7000 visitor credits $37.95
10000 visitor credits $49.95
15000 visitor credits $74.95
25000 visitor credits $119.95
50000 visitor credits $229.95

Flood Warning Traffic:

We have a service call "Flood Warning Traffic" this is a service that we offer to our members that will send traffic quickly to your site through a unique system utilizing the top sites in this industry of PTC and TE's.
If you are looking to gain more leads, increase potential sales, or simply increase your site rankings this is another valuble service that we offer at a low cost.

2500 visitor credits $5.00
5000 visitor credits $9.00
10000 visitor credits $16.00
25000 visitor credits $38.00
50000 visitor credits $70.00
100000 visitor credits $130.00
200000 visitor credits $250.00
500000 visitor credits $600.00

Our Company

We believe that customer service is very important to a become a successful business.
We have multiple platforms for technical support chat, support ticketing system, and phone support.

Need Help? Give us a call!
9am-4pm EST Monday - Friday
United Kingdom: +448000418102
United States: 1-8884829802


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