New TrafficHurricane Services

How to use your TrafficHurricane Email

How to use new Scheduled Email feature

New Packages how to purchase and use

How to use Credit Card only

Step 1 Register

Step 2 Add Website

Step 3 Add Banner

3.1 How to create a banner for free to stand out and brand yourself thats right for FREE

Step 4 add cash link

Step 5 Add YouTube Link

Step 6 add text ad

Step 7 add massive hurricane

Step 8 add mobile app upgrade

Step 9 add banner upgrade

Step 10 purchase views for website

Step 11 purchase clicks for banner

Step 12 purchase cash links.mp4

Step 13 purchase you tube link.mp4

Step 14 purchase clicks for text ad

Step 15 purchase massive hurricane clicks

Step 16 purchase log in ad for website

Step 17 purchase start page for website

Step 18 purchase mobile app upgrade

Step 19 purchase web banner upgrade

Step 20 find your referrals

Step 21 email your referrals

Step 22 Transfer of credits

Step 23 assign credits from surfing

Step 24 submit public or members support ticket

Step 25 Making a withdrawal

Step 26 surf 50 ads

Step 27 Find banners and links

Step 28 Set up rotator link.mp4

29 How to create a account

30 How to delete cookies and history from Chrome and Firefox browsers

31 How to disable or delete adblocker software from chrome and firefox browsers

32 How to install and use Mobile App

33 How to use mobile Web App in iPhone

34 How to use Payza Bitcoin


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